• House your own list on your system where you’ll have access to it at any time (instead of trusting another company to house your list without you having access to the individual records)
  • Manually add subscribers to your list (not usually allowed with most other systems – even if your customer personally asks you to add them!)
  • Subscribers can even join your list via a phone call so if they’re in their car & hear your radio commercial or see your billboard ad or sign in front of your building, they don’t have to text while driving!
  • Drum up new business during a particularly slow time – just send out a text message to your subscribers with a special offer they can’t refuse – it goes out almost immediately!
  • With an 95-98% response rate, your text message system can literally bring money in the door within a few minutes.
  • Sending out text messages is very simple – the entire system is extremely simple to manage, yet very powerful.

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